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Great work Ashley has a high degree of integrity and professionalism. She is well educated and knowledgeable in her field and demonstrates proficiency as well as thoughtful, compassionate care and concern. I received much healing from her sessions." 

Sports acupuncture

"I'm a competitive runner, at 50+ I am prone to injuries and tight muscles. I was referred to
Ashley several years ago by another runner who told me Ashley would get me back on track. Last year I suffered from a sever achilles injury which made it painful to walk and prevented me from training.

Ashley's treatments throughout the summer allowed me to resume my training and compete again at high level, leading to my most successful track season ever. How successful? a state
record and national titles in the 400 and 800; I couldn't have accomplished any of that without Ashley's help. When I have an injury, Ashley is the first - the only, person I call."

Treatment success

"When I started working with Ashley, I was broken – both physically and emotionally. Years of chronic injuries and pain had left me frustrated with traditional western medicine and feeling like a failure with little confidence in my body or my spirit.

At the beginning, acupuncture helped primarily with the emotional components of my disrepair: allowing me to let go, to find a center, to find some peace, to sleep at night. This healing from the inside out, combined with wholistic physical therapy, Rolfing, and massage, allowedmy body to finally heal physically. Over 4-6 months, I was able to regain strength and to start training again.

Acupuncture has also helped me to train with a more thoughtful and centered approach and my body has responded to training better than it ever has in the past. I am faster, more durable, and happier than I have ever been in my life. And I am an athlete once again. Ashley deserves much credit for these successes."


"Ash is very intuitive and insightful. Definitely better than any other acupuncturist I have used. Would recommend her to anyone."

A integral part of my training Ashley has been integral in my training, recovery, and performance as a runner. I see Ashley across the health spectrum, from prevention to recovery to treatment for injuries. Ashley is as much a part of my marathon training as logging miles and my coach. Specifically, I have utilized Ashley for treatments related to IT band issues, hamstring pull and strain, plantar fasciitis, hip flexor lack of mobility, low back pain, calf cramps, fatigue, and neck/shoulder tightness.